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Was it suicide...or murder?

Clay Ramsey rescues a beautiful young woman from an attacker—only to have her mysteriously die in his arms an hour later.

Who is she? What killed her? Why? The police want to know too. But after a brief investigation with few clues, they are saying suicide. Clay believes she was murdered (read more)

  Could he really be alive?

Marti Forrester’s husband died in a boating accident five years ago. At least that’s what she thought—until someone spotted him in Michigan’s remote Upper Peninsula.

Enter Harry Brannan—a former police lieutenant, forced to retire after being gravely injured in a shootout. A mutual friend introduces him to Marti (read more)


What in the World is God Up To?

Sickness, suffering, death, grief, violence, injustice, graft, crime, greed, political corruption, and war form a short list of the evils faced by people every day. If you haven’t been touched by one or more of these things at some point in your life, the odds are good you will be. But if you’re like most people you already know from experience (read more)


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